Rescuers warn about the high probability of accidents on frozen reservoirs during the period of temperature fluctuations

30.01.2022 07:05

Due to fluctuations in air temperature, the ice on reservoirs is not stable and does not always acquire sufficient strength, therefore there is a significant risk to the lives of people who, neglecting their own safety, step onto it.

According to statistics, over the past two years, 20 people, 3 of them children, have drowned in the reservoirs of the region in winter. Therefore, rescuers remind lovers of winter fishing and other winter entertainment about the dangers that unstable ice can hide.

In order to prevent disaster, the rescuers once again remind the rules of behavior on winter reservoirs:

- Transparent ice with a bluish or greenish tint is considered safe at an air temperature below 0 C;

- In order to withstand you, it must be at least 7 cm thick, and several - 15 cm. It is extremely dangerous to go out on water bodies if the ice is white or gray in color, or the temperature is above zero outside;

- You should not check the strength of the ice by kicking your feet. To avoid disaster, before stepping on the ice, you need to carefully tap it with a stick. If after the first blow it breaks through and water appears on it, you cannot go further;

- You should make fishing holes at a safe distance from each other, you must have a strong rope 15-20 meters long with a loop at one end and a half-kilogram load at the other, two nails or a knife that will help you get out on the ice, if you suddenly fail;

- Do not go out on the ice alone and at night. When going fishing, warn your relatives where you are going;

- Be careful of places where the ice is covered with snow. The snow that covered the ice acts like a blanket, the ice grows slowly under the snow. Sometimes it happens that the thickness of the open ice is 10 cm throughout the reservoir, and only 3 under the snow;

- You can go out on the ice only in persistent frosty weather;

- It is forbidden to go out on ice, the thickness and strength of which you do not know;

- It is necessary to cross water bodies in specially marked and equipped places for this purpose;

- It is forbidden to ski down from a steep bank onto untested ice for strength and thickness;

- It is forbidden to gather in large groups in one place during a crisis;

- It is not allowed to go out on the ice: at the junction of rivers; in the case of fast river flow in this place; in the presence of boards, sticks and other objects frozen in ice; in case of different color of ice; during a strong temperature drop and warming;

- Do not drink alcoholic beverages near water bodies;

- Monitor children's leisure time and explain to them the danger of thin ice.

Unfortunately, not all citizens know and follow the elementary rules of safe behavior on the ice. Employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine point out that one cannot trust personal self-confidence, one cannot try one's luck, one cannot risk one's life for nothing!

State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region

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