Kharkiv district: rescuers rescued an injured driver from a car mutilated as a result of an accident

29.01.2022 08:55

On January 29, at 09:19, the Rescue Service "101" received a report that a traffic accident had occurred on the highway "Dergachi - Kozacha Lopan" near the village of Leshchenki. As a result of the head-on collision between the car "VAZ 2101" and "VAZ 2112" the driver of the "kopyka", born in 1983, was injured. He was trapped by mutilated structures of the car, so the help of rescuers was necessary.

Arriving at the scene, the rescuers of the 53rd State Fire and Rescue Department used a special hydraulic rescue tool to cut open the body of the car, got the injured driver and helped transport him to the ambulance.

Currently, the victim is hospitalized in the Kharkiv city of emergency medical care hospital. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region



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